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Craig County Levy Rates

District Code School District Levy Rate
D-6 D-6 Cleora 80.45
I-1 I-1 White Oak 72.42
I-17 I-17 Welch 86.32
WELCH I-17 Welch City 86.32
I-20 I-20 Bluejacket 82.11
BLJCK I-20 Bluejacket City 82.11
I-26 I-26 Afton 70.56
I-3 I-3 Chelsea 89.20
I-6 I-6 Ketchum 79.44
I-65 I-65 Vinita 89.41
BGCBN I-65 BigCabin City 89.41
VINIT I-65 Vinita City 89.41
KETCH I-6 Ketchum City 79.44